Swine Design

Over 90 Swine facilities of our own design are currently in operation. Whether you are planning a finishing farm or gestation/farrowing barns, DGA can provide a superior design.  If you are applying for NRCS EQIP money we are TSP Certified to get your project off and running.

From balancing your eathwork to designing your concrete we provide all the services necessary to get your farm permitted and operating. 

It is important that your regulatory permits do not hold up the construction phase, that is why it is important to us  that we complete your design and permit paperwork in a timely and efficient manner.   

Do you have pit foam?  The solution to pit foam was discovered by U of M and with their trials they found that by adding Rumensin to the pit they could elimate the foam.  Please call today for us to give free directions on how best to add this to the pit.

Need some extra clout at that county zoning meeting? Ask about our new Nuisance Odor Footprint Tool to graphically show the percentage of nuisance odor days your neighbors will experience in a year! 


With swine facility design, our services can include or extend to:

  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • Record Keeping
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Odor Footprint Management
  • Permitting