SPCC Plans

 EPA extended the deadline to May 10th, 2013 to get your SPCC plan implemented.

Farmers, do you still need a Spill, Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan before the May 10, 2013 deadline? DGA can help!

We provide guidance and coordinate with vendors and contractors for the construction of secondary containment structures as an NRCS Technical Service Providor (TSP Certified). We perform planning, installation and certification for your SPCC program.

We'll deal with bothersome EPA regulations, allowing you to spend your time where it's most needed.


  • If you have an above-ground fuel and oil storage capacity of 10,001 gallons or more, your SPCC plan must be prepared and certified by an engineer.
  • If you have a total above-ground fuel and oil storage capacity of 1,320-10,000 gallons on your farm you can self certify.
  • You may not need secondary containment. Click here to find out or give us a call.
  • For our trusted SPCC Equipment Suppliers
  • NDSU Water Quality Information is the best resource on the web to answer your questions!