Along with overall feedlot design, our services extend to:

  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • Record Keeping
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Odor Footprint Management
  • Permitting

Dairy Design

"Our dream is to help as many dairyman as possible to increase milk production and profitability, while improving cow comfort." Nathan Pesta, DGA Agricultural Engineer

With over 70 dairy facilities of our own design in operation, no firm is better fit to serve the small to the large Dairy Producer. From Sand separation to compost bedding and manure handling, our experience and contemporary technical knowledge are unmatched.

Principles in Designing Dairies

1. Replacement Cow Facilities we can design the optimal facility for your dairy based off climate and your mangement style.  We are experts in ventilation including nursery barns, so if you are looking at switching from hutches we can design your calf barn that will keep respiratory diseases to a minimum.  With automatic feeders and new research from Gale Bateman and Mark Hill that has shown that calves grow 7% faster in a nursery barn compared to hutches, it is important to look at constructing a nursery and we can help you with that process! 

2. Transition Cow Facilities properly designed and managed will increase feed intake and resting time while decreasing stress.  For most dairies an improved facility and management style will result in a minimum of 4 lbs of milk per cow per day.

3. Cow Comfort is integral to your production efficiency. Dr. Nigel Cook of the University of Wisconsin states that "our industry is failing to provide the average cow sufficient rest, and that the ideal freestall designs are not being implemented.  Dr. Cook's rule of thumb for a well designed barn will increase production by 5 lb of milk per cow per day, and also decrease turnover by 5%.

4. Sand Separation with numerous sand separation lanes designed, we are one of the leading experts in designing passive systems that can even separate those hard to separate small sand particles.

5. Manure Handling no system is too challenging, we can come up with a solution to meet your management style, that also complies with those pesky regulations.