Feedlot Design

"Let us help you with your compliance issues and increase your cattle production and handling efficiency." Jarrid Herrmann, DGA Project Manager

DGA has designed over 140 feedlots in the Midwest region. With this experience we have honed our design skills to offer you designs that suit your vision, maximize production efficiency, increase manure management flexibility, and maintain regulatory compliance.

We stand out among other Agriculutral Engineering firms because:

1. Problem solving: We have come up with innovative solutions to tough permitting and waste handling problems.
2. Modern Design: We can recommend the optimal confinement housing type for your operation based off of some exciting new research (comparisons of three different types of housing), and also depending on your site specific conditions and your management style.
3. Permitting: Our TSP and CNMP NRCS designs will include all aspects of your feedlot to incorporate into your NRCS contract.  This includes pen and working facility designs if needed.
4. Animal Friendly:Following the Bud Williams approach to handling livestock we can design your working facility that reduces stress on the animals and will increase your handling efficiency.


Along with overall feedlot design, our services extend to:

  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • Record Keeping
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Odor Footprint Management
  • Permitting